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Consumers need information about licensed professionals.  With needed information, they make better decisions regarding care.  By providing information, counselors become available for the clients they most wish to assist, have the specific skills to provide and attract only those clients for which they are able to provide services (i.e. insurance panels, fees, location, languages, type of therapy needed, etc.).  It's a win-win situation.

Our costs are simple, yet we offer options to best suit your marketing needs and finances.
  1. If you don't have a website or simply want to save $, we may be able to assist and save you some money.  We've partnered with www.MarketMyName.com for highly competitive rates and a user-friendly website builder template program.   If you purchased a 'Website-tonight' program through MarketMyName.com, rates are deeply discounted.   (See rates below).

    MarketMyName's "Website Tonight" allows you to easily build a website with these features: 
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    Free! Google Map & Directions.  Clients easily find offices!   Create a calendar! Add events or workshops!
    Add special forms & add Registration forms.  Upload your intake and save printing costs as clients easily download needed forms!   Ability to add pay-pal buttons if you sell products, workshop registrations or other materials now or in the future.
    Add Tables   Insert Images
    Add hyperlinks or anchors.   Insert Video, Audio or Java Scripts
    $4.99-$12.99 month (select plans with choice of 5 pages to 999 pages. Save even more with yearly subscriptions!)   Free technical support to assist in registering site and initial design via Contact@TexasTherapists.com.
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    Optional: obtain your name or business name domain!  It's just smart marketing. 
    We'll help you through the process!

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